Claudia Franco biografia

Claudia Franco was born in Italy in 1989, daughter of an Italian father and a Brazilian mother.

She grow up in a small town close to Padova, and, since an early age, shows her joyful and lively mood, finding her space in sports and other activities. 

During high school, Claudia starts theatre drama lessons that open up the way to the artistic world, to which she feels strongly attracted, reinforcing her interest in for all forms of art.

Claudia casually starts a juggling course by chance, as a first step towards the circus world, without realizing that, only a few years later, she would have chosen that world as her own.  

Certain to to follow her artistic vocation, she starts her career at the contemporary circus school "Flic" in Turin, where she discovers hes passion for the Cyr wheel, acrobatics and contemporary dance.

Her horizons begin to expand and she continues her education abroad at the superior circus school “Esac” in Brussels (Belgium).

In 2013, she graduates with a very successful act, and in the following years she tours to several European countries performing in circus festival, and participates to some artistic projects in Latin America, as the show of the circus company "La Tarumba" in Perú in 2015 and 2016,  

Nevertheless, Claudia  feels that circus art doesn’t live only  on the stage, but it is a powerful educational and social transformation tool. This awareness encourages her to dedicate herself to projects with a social purpose, as she did during in Chile 2017, giving class to children and young people of the program "Circo Frutillar", in Burkina Faso in 2014, where she took part to the project "Radio Fesdig and his show" and in Brazil (2014), where she participate to the project "Crece sur" and she performed in the favela of Rio de Janeiro.


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