In 2018: 

• Partecipation to the social circus project “International Mesopotamian circus festival”, which involves several circus artists and musicians from all around the word that perform a show for the children in the schools of Mardin (Turkey) and others neighbors villages (7- 24 October).

• Creation of the contemporary circus company “Cometa Circus” together with the Peruvian circus artist Cristian Trelles. They performed their new show “Cometa” during the summer in Italy:

- “Ursino buskers festival” (Catania, 21- 23 September);

- “Enna buskers fest” (Enna, 14- 16 September);

- “Dinamico festival” -off (Reggio Emilia, 14- 16 September);

- “Pamali festival” (Belluno, 10- 15 Agoust).

• Festival “Fantasia for Juggling” (Padova, Italy, 15 September) .

• Performer for “Creativiva Caribbean” at “Beaches resort” in Turks and Caicos island (January- July).

In 2017: 

• Teacher for the circus social project “circus school of Frutillar” of the foundation "Gabriel&Mary Mustakis", in the village of Frutillar (south of Chile, April- November). The project diffuses art and culture, with a special focus on circus disciplines. The program is offered for free to children and young people of the village.

"Festival mondial de circo do Brasil” in the city of Belo Horizonte (21-25 June, Brasil).

• “Oaxaca circus festival” organized by Mermejita circus company (27 of February- 3 of March)..

Participation in the "First central America meeting of social art and circus" (16 February) with the show “Un lugar para el recuerdo” together with the circus collective “Paso Fino” (Italy, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica).

In 2016: 

“X-mas show” with “Flic Flac” circus in the city of Monchengladbach (December, Germany).

 •  Gala show of the “XVII convention of circus and street art of Chile” (Isla de Maipo, from 13 to 16 October).

•  ”Varieté libres, linda y loca” at the “Blue tend” in Valparaiso (Chile).

Circus season with the Peruvian circus company “La Tarumba”. Tour in the city of Lima and Arequipa (Peru) with the show “Tempo” (June/October). 

• Tour in Costa Rica:
- “Envision festival”, music and performing festival (Uvita);
- “La Machine”, festival of contemporary movement (San Josè). 

In 2015: 

• "Open Stage" of the contemporary dance's festival "F.A.C.E." at the cultural space "Frida" (Padova, Italy, 27- 30 December)

• Tour in Netherland (October/ November) with the show “No sweat” for the english company “Generating company” (Stufish Productions).

 Circus season with the Peruvian circus company “La Tarumba”. Tour in the city of Lima and Trujillo (Peru) with the show “Zanny” (June/ October).

Tour in Germany (April/ June) in the city of Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Reutilingen, Ulm, Bremen, with the show “Hyrrätyö” (contemporary circus, theatre and live music).

• Tour in Central America:

- “circus festival of Mazunte” in Mazunte, Oaxaca (Mexico);

- art and performing festival “Siguiente Escena” in Queretaro (Mexico);

- festival of contemporary movement “La Machine” in San Josè (Costa Rica); 

- dance festival  “SoloDos en Danza” in Heredia (Costa Rica);

“Wonder Show”, international cabaret in the theatre of Victoria (Sicily, Italy, 8- 9 January). 

In 2014: 

 Show “Kabaret Uniko” in the cultural centre “Karavan” in Malmo (Sweden).

• Circus festival “Circumnavigando” in the city of Genova (Italy).

European tour (June- September):

- international street art festival “Ursino Buskers” in Catania (Italy);

- gala of the roman juggling convention “CircoCentrica” in Rome (Italy);

- international circus festival "Valdemone" in Pollina (Sicily, Italy);

- international circus festival “Festa nei vicoli dell'antico casale” in Stignano (Italy);

- “The night of the dance” in the city of Gmunt (Austria);

- scenic art festival “Au bord de l'eau” in La Louviere (Belgium);

- international circus, art and performance festival “Mirabilia” in Fossano (Italy).

• Show “Urbs” at the “2nd international circus festival of Rio de Janeiro“, performed in the favela of City of God (Brazil). The show, behind the artistic direction of Michelle Man, it's the result of the project “Crece sur”, that sow 15 artists, from all over south America and others places, involved in the creation of a circus show. 

• “Radio Fesdig and his show” in Burkina Faso (March). This was as social project that was supported by the festival of world music “Esperanzah” (Belgium). A group of volunteers left from Bruxelles with the aim to create a radio for the village of Tantiaka, with the idea to involve local people on this adventure. Other parts of the project involved making a show during the music festival "Fesdig" at the village of Tantiaka. together with some european circus artists and some local traditional musician.

Festival “UP”, international contemporary circus biennial organized by "Espace Catastrophe" in Brussels (Belgium).

Circus festival of Mazunte , presentation in the cultural space of “Tierra Indipendiente” in Oaxaca (Mexico).

Show “Esperanto” of "TUI Feuerwerk der Turnkunst 2014", tour in Germany, with the act “Roue Vive”.

In 2013: 

Creation time in Montreal (Canada, November and December) with the collective group “Re-circle” (Canada). Performance of the act "Roue vive" at “Univè Gym Gala show” (Olanda; novembre- dicembre).

European tour (July- October): 

- contemporary circus festival “Ibla Buskers” in Ibla (Italy, October);

- international circus festival “Equilibri” in Bologna (Italy, September);

- festival “Circas ne vaikams” -circus not for children- (Lituany, September);

- international circus festival “Sol y Circo” in the island of Sylt (Germany, August);

- circus festivals “Hoplà” and “Jam in Jette” in Bruxelles ( Belgium, May); 

- music and street art festival “Esperanzah” (Belgium, August);

- art festival “Spiel” in Andorf (Austria, August);

- contemporary dance festival “Deltebre danza” in Deltebre (Spain, July);

- contemporary circus festival “Brocante” in Frisanco (Italy, August).

From 2008 to 2013

  • Presentation in the years of the circus school “ESAC”:

- personal project “Ella” in the show “EXIT 12” (June 2013); 

- collective show “Tchinnn” (December 2012);

- collective show “Accidente” (December 2011).


  • Presentation with the circus school “Flic” (2008-2010): 

- show “Città vuota” (May 2010) in Turin and at the circus festivals “Mercanzia” in Certaldo and “Mirabilia” in Fossano (both in Italy, 2010) .


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