The Cyr Wheel is a fascinating object with which Claudia is able to offer surprises and emotions to her audience. The body and the wheel movements merge together in perfect harmony, creating a game of delicate balances. The continuous turning of the wheel seems to delete gravity, converting into light evolutions. 





A women enters the room, dragging her life, her past, her drama. The movements remind a beauty that has now vanished, and the search for something now lost.

Thanks to the wheel she flies away in memories, yet falling back on the ground she falls back to reality: she has nothing left other than her loneliness.



"In volo"


This project was born from the wish and the need to investigate, create and find a new vocabulary, combining techniques and movement to the Cyr Wheel.

It represents not only a physical flight but also a spiritual flight, a path where a women project her language to the world around her, that launches herself in new experiences and lets her imagination fly away. 

It is a performance that becomes a path of personal growth. It is a way for liberation from external judgement, from daily society that tries to make us all fit in a box. It is an intense path as a freedom flight, where the wheel makes us part of a movement that becomes expression. 






An ephemeral performance, which does not exist outside the time of its execution.

A reflection on the value of the present moment, a dance that enters from the eyes and touches the imagination of the public.

The artist becomes an instrument of the art mission: to win daily difficulties and physical obstacles to re-discover the elegance of her own steps and to gesture towards the point where limits disappear.



Extract of the show "Tempo", circus company "La Tarumba".

Extract of the show "Hyrrätyto".



Technical requirement

Surface: the floor has to be flat and hard. The surface has to be as regular as possible, and without any inclination. Ideally, the best is to have a dance floor, but it is also possible to perform on concrete (if flat and smooth), or wood (if in good conditions).

Space: the ideal dimension is 10 meters x10 meters, the minimum is 6 meters x 6 meters (in order to assure a good performance). 



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