Claudia's passion is to spread her art and travel.

For this reason, everywhere she goes, she always finds a way to share her experience with other circus artists and students, leaving a small seed of her experience.

In recent years she has given cyr wheel lessons in Italy and in many Latin American countries.


IN 2017:

“Tierra Indipendente”, Oaxaca (Mexico).

“La casa de las artes y del circo contemporaneo”, Mexico City (Mexico). 

• Dance, theatre and circus school “Parque de la libertad”, San Josè (Costa Rica).

• Artistic space ”Nest”, Padova and “Mix art”, Pisa (Italy).

IN 2016: 

•  XVII Chile's convention of circus and street art” (Isla de Maipo, Chile) and circus school “Circo del mundo”, Santiago (Chile). 

• Artistic space “Danzaire”, San Josè (Costa Rica).

“La Gata circo", Bogotá (Colombia).  

“La casa de las artes y del circo contemporaneo”, Mexico City (Mexico). 

IN 2015: 

Circus school “La Tarumba”, Lima (Perú).

“Mazunte circus festival”, Mazunte, Oaxaca (Meico).


IN 2014:

• Circus school "Crecer e viver", Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).


Beginner’s lessons

The training offers a first contact with Cyr wheel, trying to develop trust with its dynamic and movement. We will use contemporary dance and movement on the floor in order to get close to the circus technique and to develop a body language that we will apply to the cyr wheel. The technical basis are taught through the conscience of the body, relating it to the wheel, to the basic turn, the lateral wheel and manipulation. 

The goal is to get into the game, try to investigate the expression of the moment and the body and star to relate with the movement of the wheel.

The training wants to offer participants not only a first approach with the object, but also important teachings and basic technics with which the participants may continue an autonomous training. 


Higher level

The training’s goal is to add to the technic repertoire, learning new positions with the wheel.

The artistic aim of the class is to widen the expressive potencial in relation with the object. 

We will start experimenting with dance, acrobatics and improvisation exercises, to arrive to mix the body movement with the dynamic of the wheel.

Secondly, the idea is to change the technic to find and develop a personal style, through the relation with the personal qualities and with spatial movements.


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